Brow Design Strip Wax Kit

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1 Liquid Gold Strip Wax
1 Dusting Powder
1 2oz Wonder Whip
1 Pack cotton strips
200 brow waxing sticks
1 Brunette Brow Design Pencil

14oz Can Liquid Gold Strip Wax
Is it a strip wax or a hard wax?  It's so gentle it ACTS like a hard wax.  Removes hair cleanly from the follicle and leaves no sticky residue behind.  

1 Pack of 100 thick cotton strips 
Firm cotton holds a lot of wax. This is the way to go if you wax a lot of body parts (back, chest, legs). This is cotton, not muslin or pellon.

1 Bag of 200 Brow Sticks
Brow sticks are similar to coffee stir sticks, only thicker to allow for more control. 

1 - 2oz Wonder Whip Hydrating Balm
Wonder Whip is a 100% VEGAN, ORGANIC & CRUELTY FREE light, fast absorbing, non greasy pre/post balm.

It's the only pre and post waxing care you need. It's 100% organic. It hydrates, protects, calms and smoothes. It's paraben, chemical, gluten and fragrance FREE. Won't clog the pores and is non-greasy and fast absorbing. 

1 Dusting Powder
It's a super soft and silky, 100% organic powder FREE from oils, perfumes, fragrance, chemicals, wheat and gluten. Because it's all natural it isn't harsh on the skin and will absorb excess moisture and sweat without drying out the skin.  

1 Brunette Brow Pencil
The perfect color for all brows. Change the hue by changing the amount of pressure used on application. The perfect pencil to fill in and design a balanced brow.  Automatic pencil mean so waste.