Basic Starter Kit

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If you already have an awesome wax warmer, all you need is this kit!

This kit is meant for you if you want to be able to wax the entire body from nose to toes!  It's got everything you need. 

Pina Colada Non Polymer Hard Wax is our very first baby.   She is environmentally friendly (100% biodegradable and compostable), gentle on skin and tough on hair of ALL types.  Fine peach fuzz?  No problem!  Thick coarse curlies? No problem!

Pumpkin Pie Polymer Hard Wax is for those that love that polymer feel.  Pumpkin Pie spreads super thin and remains pliable.  Great for underarms and Brazilians (or anywhere really).   

Liquid Gold Strip Wax.  Is it a strip wax or a hard wax?  It's so gentle it ACTS like a hard wax.  Removes hair cleanly from the follicle and leaves no sticky residue behind.  Now your clients can leave knowing their clothes won't stick to their skin for the rest of the day!

Have you met our Wonder Whip?  It's the BALM, literally!  The best hydrating BALM ever!  Use it in all the dry cracks and creases.  Use it on feet, cuticles and even eczema!  You are only limited by your imagination. 

I'm gonna BUFF that ingrown outta my skin!   Buff Stuff is quite simply a stealthy little gem for fighting ingrowns.  It applies like a lotion and removes like a scrub!  WHAT!  Bye Bye dead skin, hello smoothness. 

Excess oil and moisture don't stand a chance against Dusting Powder.  It absorbs quickly and leaves skin silky without the use of Talc!  Pro tip:  If your room isn't well ventilated and your hard wax isn't setting up, use a bit of dusting powder on top to help it set quicker. 

Kit includes: 

1 Pumpkin Pie Polymer Hard wax
1 Pina Colada Non-Polymer Hard Wax
1 Liquid Gold Strip Wax
4oz Back Bar Wonder Whip
1 Buff Stuff
1 Dusting Powder
2 Empty Tins

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review