Dusting Powder

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WHAT IS DUSTING POWDER? It's a super soft and silky, 100% organic powder FREE from oils, perfumes, fragrance, chemicals, wheat and gluten.

WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT IT? Because it's all natural it isn't harsh on the skin and will absorb excess moisture and sweat without drying out the skin.  

WHERE DO YOU USE IT? Use anywhere you want/need to absorb excess moisture, sweat or oil on the body.  During waxing helps keeps skin dry so the wax can do it's job. 

Clients can use at home in all those moist areas where chaffing and skin irritation occur to help them feel more cool and comfortable.

Would you like to retail Dusting Powder to your clients for home use?  You can. 
Click HERE to find out how. 

Ingredients: Arrowroot, Tapioca, Baking Soda, Cornstarch, Kaolin Clay

NOTE:  OSHA does not require an MSDS for non hazardous chemicals/products, that is why our line does not need one. 

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