Brow Correction


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Learn the MOST important part of brow design! Correction.  This course will teach you how to correct ANY brow with confidence.


Brow Design Theory:  What is brow design?  The formula you need to correct and/or change the shape of any brow. Once you know these secrets you'll have tons of confidence to tackle any brow. 

Brow Correction Demo: See the formula in action as I demonstrate my "freehand" approach to brow design on a live model.  Then I'll show you have to wax that shape using hard wax. 

BONUS Content:  Everyone loves a few little extras in their swag bag.  
Bold and Beautiful brow article
Hair Removal Side Effects Guide
Contraindications Guide
Waxing Intake Form

Certificate of Completion

Note: This content is taken from the Master Brow Artist Certification course.  If you have that course, you're good to go.