How much do you charge? The Dreaded Question.

It's one of the hardest questions to answer without feeling feelings. 

When a client or perspective clients asks, "How much do you charge for a Brazilian"?  

Here's a sample conversation that you may be having with yourself after someone asks this question. 

ME: They seem interested, but will they still be after I tell them the price"?

ME AGAIN: "Yeah, most people don't understand how service prices are calculated".

ME & ME: "What if they can't afford it?  Should I quote them a lower price just in case, so I can make sure that they can afford it"?

STILL ME: "I really hate talking about money. I'll just hand them a menu or direct them to my website and they can read it for themselves".

In reality this conversation takes only a few seconds, but seems like a lifetime because of the angst we put ourselves through.  

Here is how I respond when someone asks how much I charge. 


Client: Crickett, how much do you charge for a Brazilian? 

Crickett: Have you ever had a Brazilian before? 

Client: No this is my first time. I'm really nervous. 

Crickett: You are in luck.  I am a Brazilian waxing expert.  Brazilians are my specialty.  I've been doing them for 17 years. 

Client: Really??

Crickett:  Yup.  And I use hard wax, which makes the experience so gentle that you probably won't even feel like you're having anything done.  And did I mention I also train other beauty professionals how to wax as well?

Client: I had heard you were the best. 

Crickett: That's very kind of you to say.  I would be happy to get you on the books.  And don't worry, it's really not as bad as you've heard.  I have great technique and 'll take excellent care of you.  

Client: Yeah.  Ok.  Let's do it. 


At no time do I quote a price.  Because it's not about a price, it's about making the client feel comfortable.  That they know, like and trust in your abilities.  That's invaluable. 

I realize that my story is unique and different from your story.  But the same key elements will still apply; 

  • Use great products like The Wax Chick line
  • Are a Brazilian waxing expert (having trained with The Wax Chick)
  • Will make them feel comfortable and provide an excellent service

If someone asks, "How much do you charge for a Brazilian" and you just blurt out a number (let's say $40), it means nothing.  It's just a number without any sort of value attached to it.  

When clients (or potential clients) ask the "how much" question, they are really asking if they can trust

  1. that you know what you're doing
  2. that you'll take good care of them
  3. that you'll make them feel comfortable

So throwing out a random number doesn't tell them any of those things.  

Quantify your number.  Own your number.  Trust you are worth your number. 

By the way, your number should be a high one.  Just saying.