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Save $$$ AND make $$$ Waxing!

 Does more wax end up in the trash bin instead of on your client?


This is a common problem when learning to use hard wax.    My #1 piece of advice is "HARD WAX IS NOT STRIP WAX". 

The application method is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.  The consistency is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.  There is a very BIG LEARNING CURVE when using hard wax.  It takes time and patience.  Which is why it is considered somewhat of a specialty. 

Anyone can use strip wax.  It's very straight forward in it's application process and doesn't have a huge learning curve, which is why most people choose it.   And it also works well when speed waxing the larger areas of the body. 

When people first start to play with hard wax, they will use way more than they need (that's the learning curve).  It takes a while to be able to calculate exactly how much wax you need, but if you can make it over the learning curve, you can make some serious MOOLA!

In the above video I give you my tips and tricks for using hard wax efficiently to get the most return on your investment. 

  • Hard wax is NOT strip wax the application method is totally different
  • Twist and twirl the stick to keep the wax from fall off from the pot to the person
  • Use the right stick for the job
  • Deposit the wax first then spread

Don't let hard wax intimidate you!  Once you get over the learning curve it will be your best friend. 

Wax with confidence!


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