About Us

Crickett, The Wax Chick

Hi there.  I'm Crickett, The Wax chick.  I'm a waxing educator and

My passion is waxing and providing quality waxing education.  I want to help you lose the fear and feel the confidence.  Anyone can wax, they just need the right guidence.

Quality Waxing Education

I want you to know, that  if you're feeling totally lost and intimidated when incomes to waxing, I've been in your shoes.  I've felt the paralyzing terror that comes from seeing a Brazilian  or brow service on the books, and knowing I was completely ill equipped and unprepared to perform it.   I conquered those fears and mastered these services, and I can help you to do the same and build your waxing confidence.

You can be THE expert!

I can help you feel totally prepared and ready to wax any brow or Brazilian that comes your way. 

Over the last decade I've  helped thousands of students to feel more confident and comfortable when performing brow and Brazilian services.   

I've seen just about every situation there is when it comes to waxing.  All of these experiences have helped hone my skills, and have given me the insights needed to develop the successful techniques and training methods I use today.   

If you're ready to create the waxing business of your dreams, I say " let's do this". Because - "If you wax it, they WILL book"


The Wax Chick is also proud to offer you her boutique line of waxes and waxing products to help build your waxing confidence.  Education + Superior Product = Unstoppable Confidence!  

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